Taking on a building project can be daunting processTaking on a building project can be daunting process, but thanks to ProntoCALC, the new online build cost estimator, being in control of the costs involved when building around your home, is now much easier.

You may have already commissioned an Architect or Designer to guide you through the design, planning and build process. Whether you are constructing a new building or adapting your existing home, you will need to understand your budget. Our online build cost estimator allows you to estimate costs involved when building an extension, new self-build, a barn conversion or any other type of building work. We developed it for Builders, Architects and Self Builders to make the estimating of the project costs easier, accurate and inclusive.

It uses a simple and straightforward data entry system to produce a 14-page PDF schedule of costs which details all aspects of the build. The format confirms to both the Builder and Client that all items are included, and also enables project adjustments to be made to suit your budget.


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If you ensure that all the Builders quoting for your building work are using ProntoCALC, you will have like-for-like quotes to enable easy comparisons can be made.  When the Builder is appointed and work begins, the PRO Section of ProntoCALC allows the builder to financially manage the project. Any design changes during the construction process can be recorded and the cost changes immediately applied to the budget. You will probably be spending the largest amount of money you will ever spend in your life, so spend it with confidence.

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Features and Benefits of Using ProntoCALC for the Homeowner:

  • A system designed by an experienced builder
  • Quick & accurate quoting system
  • Full disclosure on all build costs
  • Full access to all aspects of the project
  • Money & time saving
  • Budget monitoring
  • Review/adjust quantities and rates
  • Monitoring material and labour costs
  • Ensuring on time completion


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ProntoCALC – the easy to use, web-based build cost calculator designed for Builders, enabling you to save time and money by providing professional quotes and estimates and a clear understanding of the budget.