PRONTOCALC FOR BUILDERSProntoCALC is the online build cost calculator, build cost estimator, designed for Builders, Architects, Self-Builders and Homeowners.

The build cost estimator enables anyone to price a project.  Its purpose is about you being able to manage your project design and become engaged as soon as possible from the outset, when the project is priced.


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Features and benefits for Architects and Designers:

  • Enables you to ensure that your client is not guessing the cost of their project using an arbitrary meterage rate.
  • Using a single cost calculation method instead of a variety of different pricing methods.
  • Ensures your clients understands the method/sequences involved and the choices they have.


Let’s work together:

Sign up for a free 15-day trial on the standard build cost management package. This includes project detail management, client management, rates management and quote generation. To get started click here.


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ProntoCALC – the easy to use, web-based build cost calculator designed for Builders, enabling you to save time and money by providing professional quotes and estimates and a clear understanding of the budget.