Use ProntoCALC to take the stress out of your self-build:

ProntoCALC, the online build cost estimator, was designed for Builders, Architects and Self-Builders to make estimating build costs much easier and more accurate.

The application uses a simple & straightforward data entry system to produce a 14-page PDF which details all aspects of a build. The format confirms to both the Builder and the Client, that all items are included, and it is easy to make adjustments to suit budgets.

ProntoCALC allows both builders and self-builders to manage a project.


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What does ProntoCALC mean for your project?

  • You will not rely on someone guessing the cost of your project using an arbitrary meterage rate.
  • You will not be told the cost of your project by someone else remotely reviewing your drawings.
  • You will not be told the cost of your project by people using a variety of different pricing methods.
  • You will have an in-depth understanding of the method/sequences involved and choices you have allowing you to manage the build process and budget.

Let’s work together:

Embarking on any building project does not have to be a daunting process if you use the ProntoCALC build cost calculator from the outset.  It enables you to have full control during the build process and it allows you to manage your budget. To get started with a 15 day free trial with ProntoCALC for your self-build project click here.


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ProntoCALC – the easy to use, web-based build cost calculator designed for Builders, enabling you to save time and money by providing professional quotes and estimates and a clear understanding of the budget.